"Poetry is torn between the desire for a land which does not exist and the need for a common ground, between its two contradictory genii: that somewhere else and the commonplace".


« personal pages »

 Such an expression for he who is concerned with writing may seem rather weird.

 Here one will thus find, on top of the expected answers to the queries about the author (biography, bibliography, and so on …), a few extracts of several styles (texts not yet gathered in a volume, drafts, travel sketch-books, critical essays) and above all the presence of a few fellow travellers (poets, prose writers, painters …) : a subjective, mobile, personal or impersonal anthology …

The corner of a canvas wherefrom threads draw towards other lines and other voices, may be the shelves of an imaginary bookcase or the beams of an imaginary hive.


  Website story : Zounds! Why did he have to get involved in this business? Notes on Internet and writing …



What about poetry ?

French Poetry since 1950 : Dwelling, Figuring, Settling, Articulating, Aggravating (translation from the original French by Catherine Wieder)

About lyricism : a critical essay published in March 2000, José Corti Publisher, in the series « Reading, writing … », about 430 p.

University and poetry today in France

Mallarmé : a portrait of the poet as a spider

Henri Michaux's distance and nearness

poetry links

A few poems on electrato.com

A few poems of Jean-Michel Maulpoix on the website "The other Voices International Project". 

"The Other Voices International Project is a cyber-anthology that erases the boundaries of nations, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and age to bring you some of the world's best poetry. No poetry or art is used in this project unless permission has been granted by the artist or his/her estate."

Another presentation on Double room, journal of prose poetry

A matter of blue on the webside of the Academy of American poets

Poetry NZ 23 : Comment and poetry from France

"Le poète perplexe", in World literature today

Recently published books


  • The Inkwell's Monologue, translated by Dawn Cornelio from unpublished poetry, VVV Editions VVV, Halifax, 2005
  • A Matter of Blue, translated by Dawn Cornelio from Jean-Michel Maulpoix's Une histoire de bleu, Boa Editions, Rochester, 2005.

A matter of blue

by Jean-Michel Maulpoix

Boa editions limited

Translated from the French with an Introduction by Dawn Cornelio
A Lannan Translations Series Selection


French issue

A Matter of Blue has gone through multiple French printings and is noted poet, essayist, and critic Jean-Michel Maulpoix's most publicly and critically acclaimed book.  Throughout the collection, prose poems and blank verse operate on a recognizable, accessible level, offering a narrative voice struggling for understanding in a postmodern, sometimes desolate world.  "In A Matter of Blue Jean-Michel Maulpoix uses the color blue to encompass melancholy and nostalgia, but also the joy and hope inherent in life.  Even if the gods' presence can no longer be taken for granted, blue still remains to accompany us in our daily lives, although it may suffer from fatigue and be unsure of its own strength." --Dawn Cornelio from the translator's introduction. 

Available editions:

ISBN: 1-929918-66-6
Price: $22.00
Publishing Date: July 2005

ISBN: 1-929918-67-4
Price: $15.95
Publishing Date: July 2005


Poetry magazine


The combined October-November issue of POETRY Magazine,  released 28th September 2000, is a special triple-size number devoted to contemporary poetry in French by 39 poets, some of whom will be appearing in English for the first time. Co-edited with noted critic and essayist John Taylor and National Book Award winning poet Marilyn Hacker, the issue begins with Julien Gracq and other writers who began publishing early in the 20th century, and covers the latter half of the century, concluding with younger poets such as Jean-Michel Maulpoix and Pascalle Monnier. The contents are uniquely broad in that the editors considered important recent work by all Francophone poets, regardless of whether the author lives in France or is a French citizen.


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